Theme of ACN 2019: Nutrition and Food Innovation for Sustained Well-Being

Category Sub Category
Nutritional Biochemistry Nutrients Metabolism
Carbohydrate and Dietary Fiber
Lipids and Fatty Acids
Protein and Amino Acids
Water and Hydration
Vitamins and Minerals
Nutritional Physiology Nutrition and Immuntiy
Nutrition and Hormone
Nutrition and Cognition
Nutrition and Aging
Nutrition and Skin Health
Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Diet for Undernutrition
Diet for Obesity
Diet for Diabetes
Diet for Vascular Diseases
Diet for Cancer
Workplace Nutrition
Early Life Nutrition Adolescent Nutrition
Pregnancy Nutrition
Lactating Nutrition and Breastfeeding
Infant and Child Nutrition
Infant Formula and Growing Up Milk
Complementary Feeding
Nutrition Innovation Innovation in Clinical Nutrition
Innovation in Nutrition Care Process
Innovation in Sport Nutrition
Innovation in Nutrition Education
Innovation in Community Nutrition
Nutrition Entrepreneurship
Nutritional Epidemiology Nutritional Assessment
Nutrient Health Benefits
Undernutrition Epidemiology
Obesity Epidemiology
NCDs Nutritional Risk Factors
Infectious Disease Nutritional Risk Factors
Public Health Nutrition Nutrition Standard and Regulation
Food and Nutrition Guidelines
Disparities and Nutrition
Disaster Nutrition
School Children Nutrition
Healthy Food Environment
Nutrition and Health Policy
Food Innovation Innovation in Therapy Diet
Innovation in Food Suplementation
Innovation in Food Fortification
Innovation in Food Product Development
Innovation in Food Services Management
Innovation in Food Technology
Food Security Food Standard and Regulation
Food Quality and Safety
Food Labelling and Health Claim
Trade and Tax for Food Security
Indigeneous and Traditional Food
Food Loss and Waste
Holistic Nutrition and Well-being Nutrition, Fitness and Well-Being
Food, Sleep and Well-Being
Nutrition and Mental Emotional Well-Being
Culinary and Gastro Tourism
Nutrition and Environmental Health
Healthy Balanced Lifestyle