1. The deadline for choosing a food menu and the topic of the lunch symposium is July 20, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Western Indonesian Time. 
  2. Log in with the email that already registered and your password on the website at


  1. Select the food menu for your lunch symposium on the page (below this page)


  1. Details of each agenda speaker and activity description, can be seen at the link or at
  2. Display menu options are as below. The last word in each choice is the room where the symposium takes place. For example: Jakarta A, Jakarta B etc.


  1. To view detailed menus, including Nutrition Facts and Ingredients on each menu, you can click on the text in the Lunch Date column.


  1. You can only choose one menu in each room every Aug 5, Aug 6, and Aug 7.
  2. Select Agenda | The room you will visit at lunch symposium, then select the menu you want.
  3. Click choose every after choosing Agenda | Room and Menu


  1. To select the menu you selected you have selected, click the chart button.


  1. If you have selected the correct menu option, click the check out button.


  1. After being on the check out page, click place order. Don’t worry about payment, this symposium lunch menu does not require any payment for each participant.


  1. You will get a confirmation email about the meal menu, agenda and the room you have chosen
  2. Physical Coupon Lunch Symposium according to the Agenda and the Menu you choose will be given when re-registering on Aug 3, 2019 on our ACN 2019 Venue.



Lunch MenuLunch DateSelect Menu | Agenda | Room
Lunch Symposium August 5, 2019
Lunch Symposium August 6, 2019
Lunch Symposium August 7, 2019