IYouLead registration has been closed. We are currently doing a selection. The announcement will be made through email start on January 21, 2019

The 2nd iYouLead (International Young Food and Nutrition Leadership) Training and Workshop

in 2014 Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia (PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia) and organization related food and nutrition was successfully conducted the 1st iYouLead in Bogor, Indonesia. This successfully emerged more than 80 young leaders on food and nutrition. Regarding to this, and in momentum of Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN) 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. This is the right time to continue our successful with the the 2nd iYouLead. This also the right time to gather young nutrition and food leaders throughout the world and region to discuss and make same perception in term to solve nutrition problem.

Theme: “Strengthening Youth Capacity for Future Global Leadership on Nutrition, Food and Health”


  • Strengthening relationship and sharing experience between the educated young generation of young nutritionists, food scientists and medical doctors that could potentially be the future leaders in the field of nutrition, food and health.
  • Learning leadership experiences and characters from government leaders, private business (Industries) leaders, UN Agencies leaders, NGOs leaders and senior experts in the field of nutrition, food and health.
  • Increasing the number of nutrition and food young leaders, and improving their capacity in the development of nutrition, food and health in Indonesia, in the region and worldwide.
  • Increasing the young generation’s insight in understanding the nutrition, food and health issues holistically to provide solutions that are innovative, effective and sustainable.
  • Strengthening the iYouLead forum which was established in 2014, as a global network among the educated young generation of nutrition, food and health for the better contribution to the development of global nutrition, food and health.


Speakers for the trainings are leaders of both international organizations (IUNS, FANS, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, WFP, GAIN etc),  national organizations (Director General of the Ministry of Health,  Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture); leaders from various multinational companies, CSO,  as well as leaders and professors from reputable universities.


The number of participant is 60 participants. The participants  will be selected competitively  based on the criteria.

The Requirements

  1. Participant is a student (undergraduate or post graduate) or graduates in the fields of nutrition, food and health
  2. Age under 35 years old on the date August 2 , 2019, evidenced by a copy of ID card or passport
  3. Fluent in English both oral and written
  4. Submit Abstract on Asian Congress on Nutrition (ACN) 2019, more information https://acn2019.org/guidance/ and https://acn2019.org/abstract/
  5. Fill in the registration form of iYouLead. Form can be filled through this link iYouLead (the link truncated, we already closed the iYouLead registration)
  6. Willing to bear the cost of round trip (to find sponsorship) from the place of origin to Bali, Indonesia, and health insurance during that travel.

The 2nd iYouLead is collaboration between Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia (PERGIZI PANGAN) and Indonesian Nutrition Bachelor Association (ISAGI). Participants of iYouLead have a chance to get a scholarship from Dupont. This information can be seen in the through this link https://acn2019.org/dupontscolarship

Download :


List of Selected iYouLead Participants

No.Full First NamesFamily NameCountry
1.Eng HuanHauMalaysia
7.Ismi NurwaqiahIbnuIndonesia
8.Karen KayMejosPhilippines
9.LaeliNur HasanahIndonesia
10.Maria CarmelaTaobPhilippines
13.Nur AmalinJuhariMalaysia
15.Alice Wai YiLeungChinese
18.Ai NiTeohMalaysia
20.Vieta AnnisaNurhidayatiIndonesia
21.Alfi FairuzAsnaIndonesia
22.Gusti IndahLestariIndonesia
24.Zhi LingLeeMalaysia
25.AjlaaA RasidMalaysia
27.Ng Choon MingNgMalaysia
28.CharmaineBrowneUnited Kingdom
29.Muhammad IqbalIqbalIndonesia
30.Adi LukasKurniawanTaiwan
32.Julius CesarAlejandrePhilippines
33.Arif SabtaAjiIndonesia
34.Shiang YenEowMalaysia
36.Kok HongLeiuMalaysia
37.Mohamad YuliantoKurniawanIndonesia
38.Syed MahfuzAl HasanJapan

*iYouLead committee will contact via email related with further instructions.